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Electronics Buyers Guide

It wasn’t long ago that DVD players were the latest technology that shocked and awed us with their features and prices. Today, DVDs come in all different shapes, sizes, and feature packages, with prices that are down right reasonable. Because there are so many different types available, try to compare models that offer the same features to avoid unnecessary sticker shock.


Single Disk Players are the simplest and least expensive type of DVD player. These models hold only one DVD or CD at a time and are usually very easy to connect to your TV and operate.

Multi Disk Players usually hold more than one but no more than five CDs or DVDs at a time. Holding multiple disks at a time makes switching between movies and music quick and easy. Adding a multi disk DVD player is a very inexpensive and fast way to upgrade your home entertainment system by making multiple music and movie choices easily accessible in one central location.

DVD Carousels are multi disk players with ultra high capacity. These units can hold 100 or more disks at a time. With these models, you can throw away those inconvenient, unattractive jewel cases forever, and store and play all of your movies and music in one attractive and central location. It’s worth a little extra money to buy a top quality model and protect your investment with an extended warranty, since the extra convenience is made possible by extra moving parts that could eventually break.

DVD Recorders are the newest technology among DVD players and they are impressive! Remember recording your favorite movies and soaps on your old VCR? Now you can make your own DVD recordings just like that, but with all the extra quality of DVD verses VHS. These machines are incredibly useful (not to mention how much fun it is to have the newest shiny technology in your home!), but their price tags reflect the extra convenience and features. You’ll definitely want to protect this purchase with extended warranties and make sure you buy it from electronics experts that understand and can explain all the new features you’re getting.

Portable DVD Players are the answer to every parents’ and travelers’ dreams. Not to mention how handy they are when working out in the gym. These little guys go with you wherever you are, so you can watch your favorite movies on airplanes, in waiting rooms, in the car, on a boat, in a box, with a fox… The miniature size doesn’t leave room for all the fancy options you’ll find on the full size players, like extra inputs and outputs. Look for durability, screen quality, and motion sensitivity while shopping for these. And since these portable models are used on the go, they are more prone to accidents, like being dropped. Invest in an extended warranty to protect yourself.


Supported Formats: DVD players do more than just play DVDs for your movie-viewing pleasure. Many have features that allow you to play CDs, MP3 files, digital images, SACD, and DVD audio. Some have built in VHS players, so you can still watch your favorite old movies you haven’t added to you DVD library yet. Even if you don’t have need for all these formats yet, you never know what the future might bring. Models that support these extra formats usually don’t boast much larger prices, so get as much bang as you can for your buck. Since there are so many different formats, and many of them are brand new technologies, talk to an electronics expert to make sure you’re getting what you need now and are prepared for the future.

Connections: Just how many things are you going to plug into, and out of, your DVD player? You’d be amazed how many possibilities there are, so make sure you talk to an expert who can make sure you have all the inputs and outputs you need for your new DVD player. Nothing is more disappointing than getting home with your new player, spending a few hours trying to hook it up, and finding out it doesn’t have the inputs and outputs you need to make it work with your existing electronics equipment.

Progressive Scan: As technology improves the quality and features of our TVs, so must the quality and features of our co-existing electronics. If you have a progressive scan TV, make sure the DVD player you buy produces a progressive scanned image. Even if you don’t have one of those new fancy TVs yet, you should still consider that feature. It’s the wave of the future, so you may need it sooner than you think.

Other Features: If you’re the kind of person that always had your VCR blinking 12:00, consider the ease and practicality of the new DVD player you’re thinking of purchasing. Is the remote control clear and easy to use? Are the instructions understandable? Is the programming somewhat intuitive? Many people never even know all the cool things their DVD players can do, so it’s worth shopping with electronics experts so you can get that extra training and knowledge built right into your shopping experience.

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